The Journey

First I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read this. This transformation doesn’t happen over night. We cannot look for a short term answer for a long term problem.

As a child i was always overweight. I just thought it was “my normal”. I thought this just how I was and who I was meant to be. I had played football my whole life where it is an asset to be big. So in my eyes, I was doing what was right for me. After football ended however, I was eating like I still played, but the only thing I was playing was video games. I had been working out my whole life up to that point, but gave my body a well deserved rest after many years of abuse from training and playing football.

It got to be January of my senior year of college and I had let my weight back up to 320 pounds. This time, it was not for football, it was because I was lazy. So I headed back to the gym. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I had one of the worst workouts of my life. I had lost a ton of strength and what I had lost in weight, I gained in body fat. On that day I told myself, I will never feel this way again.

That started the transformation you see here.


That was the picture on the left. When I said enough is enough. I’m done feeling and being this way. I started consistently getting back into the gym and focused on enjoying what I was doing rather than just workout cause it felt like I had to. I changed how I ate and how I lived. I made the change that may have ultimately saved my life.

This experience is why I now do what I do. I want to give people a place to go when they feel they have no where to go. I want to help the individuals who feel lost and out of shape. Just as I was.

There is no obstacle to big, or goal that is not attainable as long as you chose everyday to work for it. It isn’t always easy and it definitely isn’t always convenient, but it is always worth it. Losing over 120 pounds taught me that people are capable of doing whatever they put their mind to.

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