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The 6 P’s

When it comes to any goal, motivation is one of the key factor in why we start. Businesses, projects, weight-loss, weight gain, etc. In the beginning it is easy to have motivation but there comes a time when that motivation starts to run low and with it comes procrastination and ultimately falling short of those goals.

So we go 1,2,3, weeks without acting on our goals. We hope to just pick up where we left off. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most goals. One of the few things we can control in our life is how we use our time. Take a look at the individuals who are successful in the areas you are trying to achieve. What are they doing? They are using the same 24 hours that you have to act upon those goals.

When we really take a look at our lives, we can break it down into two areas. Productive time and unproductive time. This goes farther than video games, tv, or watching your favorite YouTube clips. This is decision making, this is getting that workout in before everyone else wakes up, or while everyone is going to be sleeping. Using your time to create efficient systems will lead to a less stressful, and more productive day.

I like to follow the 6 P’s to keep me on track







If I do not have a plan, I feel lost in my day. Rather than being ready to take on my next appointment, write a blog post, or workout, I find myself thinking about what needs to be done later. So instead of me catching up on my favorite Netflix series, I’ll take the time to prep meals for a few days, plan and structure what I’ll write/post for the week, or plan my workout. The key for me and most people is having a plan and executing it. Prepping meals to hit your goal does no good if you do not have the ability to eat then during the day.

This brings me to balance. We all become overwhelmed. Life takes turns and the unexpected happens. How we adjust to it is the key to success. How we handle adversity is going to determine the outcome of that day. Since I work in the fitness industry, I will tell you that fitting the right meals in throughout the day is tough! I’m not always near a microwave, or refrigerator to warm up or store my meals. If that situation arises, I always have a back up plan. There is always a grocery store with any type protein and veggie combo that I could ever want. That way it keeps me on track and I don’t have to be at the mercy of fast food or poor choices at a restaurant.

Lastly, don’t let anything stand in your way. We are all capable of doing whatever we put our mind to as long as we have the write plan and stick to it. There will be ups and downs. The road to success is a winding one, so don’t let the bumps turn into mountains. There are so many individuals out there that are living proof that you can make things happen with consistent effort. So stop letting your fears of failure negate your ability to get things done. No one can stop you from reaching your potential but yourself. So make today and every day an effective day to progress towards your goals. Follow the plan and be successful!

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